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Building strong brands through the power of digital communications.

Building strong brands through the power of digital communications

CRM and Loyalty Programs

Transforming customer experience into brand loyalty and competitive advantage

Digital technology has transformed customer relationship management into both an art and a science. As always, truly effective CRM requires the kind of insight and understanding that come from deep experience in customer engagement and brand loyalty. Today, it also requires sophisticated customer analytics and data-driven strategies across all channels. With e-commerce and social networking quickly becoming the dominant forces in brands' customer interactions, a more expansive approach to managing and nurturing customer relationships is a must, not just in the aggregate, but down to the individual level.

  • 92


    of online shoppers read user-posted reviews

  • 89


    of purchase decisions are influenced by them

Engagement. Enthusiasm. Loyalty. Strategizing your relationships with customers.

From targeting and understanding every customer's needs and desires to delivering brand-focused interactions that keep them coming back for more, Interakt helps you to become a customer-centric, experience-driven organization. All CRM engagements begin with strategy grounded in business intelligence and culminate in scalable, sustainable programs for enduring brand loyalty.

Effortless. Unified. Rewarding. Customer experiences that get results.

Our integrated approach

Strategic Leadership
  • Program strategy
  • Program identity and branding
  • Value proposition
  • Positioning
  • Framework development
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Communication planning
  • Segmentation and profiling
Member Engagement
  • Communications design and development
  • Targeting, planning, and messaging
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • E-Direct mail (eDM)
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social media marketing
Shopping Cart
  • Segmentation and profiling
  • Behavioral research
  • Response forecasting and performance modeling
  • Purchase pattern analysis
  • Dormant activation
  • Data management and reporting
Online Store
  • Program planning and management
  • Promotions and rewards
  • Partnership planning and tie-ups
  • Member service center
  • Store communications and coordination
Third-Party Apps Integration
  • User experience design
  • Platform architecture
  • Data and metadata analytics
  • Process automation
  • Agile methodology

Our CRM toolbox

Our CRM engagement teams leverage Interakt's experience and expertise across the full range of CRM services and technologies to turn your customer's experience into your competitive edge.

  • Our CRM toolbox

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