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Building strong brands through the power of digital communications.

Building strong brands through the power of digital communications

Custom Courseware Development

Learning that works because it engages completely—everywhere, every time

Learning today happens everywhere. In the classroom, online, through social and mobile platforms, on the job, just-in-time, and on every sort of device. Getting the outcomes you want means developing learning solutions strategically and delivering them seamlessly across all devices—regardless of their size, resolution, or OS. Responsive design addresses the technical issues of delivering content everywhere it's needed. More important, however, is ensuring the appropriate type, relevance, and context of that content at the point of use. Interakt offers solutions on both fronts.

  • 70


    —of companies plan to implement m-learning by 2015

  • Towards Maturity Benchmark Study 2012–2013

Tell the stories. Touch the senses. Improve retention and practical application.

All learning works best when it begins with a story that touches the senses and moves the emotions. Interakt develops customized learning communications that engage learners completely by connecting with them at the deepest levels, unlocking their potential, and improving retention and the application of lessons learned in the workplace.

Learning that works
Learning that Works
  • Sales team empowerment
  • Product training
  • Onboarding
  • Employee engagement
  • Technology
  • Corporate governance and compliance

Our integrated approach

Strategic Consulting
Strategic Consulting
  • Curriculum design
  • Learning program design
  • Reporting
  • Performance measurement
Learning Services
Learning Services
  • Rapid learning custom content development
  • Engaged learning custom content development
  • Learning management system implementation
  • Learning management system hosting

Our custom courseware development toolbox

Interakt's courseware development expertise includes HTML5 and covers the full spectrum of computer-based courseware development tools and learning management systems.

  • Learning Management Systems

  • Compliance

  • Course Development Tools

  • Learning Approach

  • Learning management systems
  • Compliance
  • Course development tools
  • Learning approach

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