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Building strong brands through the power of digital communications.

Building strong brands through the power of digital communications


Combining business savvy and creative technology for superior e-commerce solutions

Interakt delivers both sides of the e-commerce equation: deep insight into business transactions and mastery of the technology that drives them online. We turn visitors into buyers with virtual stores that stay true to your business vision, deliver compelling sales propositions, and satisfy customers at every milestone. With the incredible pace at which mobile has become a dominant force in e-commerce, the ability to adapt to a wide range of devices—to create a unified customer experience at every touch point—is essential for every company that conducts business online. Responsive design is no longer a "nice to have," it's an e-commerce imperative.

    Total US online sales

  • $252

    billion 2013

    growing to

  • $327

    billion 2016


Effortless. Unified. Rewarding. Customer experiences that get results.

With an unbeatable combination of business insight, creativity, and advanced technology, we develop customized e-commerce solutions designed to maximize user engagement and experience, expedite transactions, and boost shopping visits and transaction frequency.

Effortless. Unified. Rewarding. Customer experiences that get results.

Our integrated approach


Our data-driven strategies leverage best-in-class technology and multiple approaches to ensure e-commerce success.

Web Design

Combining business acumen, creativity, and advanced technology, we create custom e-commerce portals that optimize user experience and transaction frequency.

Shopping Cart

Feature-rich shopping carts with inventory control, checkout, payment, and more enable smooth transactions for buyer and seller.

Online Store

We build online stores aligned with business goals and designed to delight customers and boost sales results.

Third-Party Apps Integration

Seamless integration of third-party applications such as ERP, CRM, and POS ensures ease of use and more effective management.

Our e-commerce technology toolbox

From Hadoop to X-Cart to open source e-commerce technologies, we choose the tools that work best for you and seamlessly integrate third-party applications for a total solution.

  • Our e-commerce technology toolbox

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