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Building strong brands through the power of digital communications.

Building strong brands through the power of digital communications

Social Community Management

Engage deeply, inspire completely, align fully with brand objectives

Connections, conversations, contributed content. Community engagement doesn't stop there. Whether the community is an external group of brand enthusiasts, a group of learners sharing experiences, or internal functional team members, social community management includes converting the conversations into meaningful intelligence and measurable ROI. If you aren't managing your community strategically, the time to start is now.

  • 50


    of all organizations will have internal social networks by 2016

Holistic engagement. Brand-centric messaging. Personalized experience.

We combine the critical components of effective social community management—listening and being heard, creating meaningful connections, convening two-way conversations, gaining deep insights, and building brand loyalty.

Twitter, Facebook
  • Buzz creation
  • Promote offers and promotions
  • Solicit feedback
  • Customer support
  • Professional networking
  • Promote organization
  • Participate in Q&A to increase mindshare
YouTube, Podcast, Webcast
  • Content sharing
  • Thought leadership
  • Wider reach with rich media
Blogs, Forums, and Groups
  • Networking with the target audience
  • Discussion
  • Content sharing
  • Digg, Delicious, Pinterest, etc.
  • Content sharing
  • Visual content sharing
  • Driving traffic
  • Content sharing
  • Thought leadership

Our integrated approach

Our integrated approach
Strategic Consulting
  • Framework development
  • Social media channel strategy and application consulting
  • Brand messaging and dissemination program
  • Campaign strategy and planning
  • Operational management and planning development
  • KPI and monitoring planning
Channel Development
  • Design, development, and management of social properties: blogs/forums, communities, videos, widgets, wikis, surveys
  • Content development and copywriting
  • Content seeding and management
  • App development
Management Monitoring
  • Search engine optimization/marketing
  • Online monitoring: online PR survey metrics, search metrics
  • Analysis and reporting: activity metrics, ROI metrics, survey metrics, search metrics

Our social community management toolbox

Interakt's expertise across social media channels helps you to deliver the right messaging and listen carefully to your audiences.

Our process

Interakt specializes in creating and curating quality content that your audiences find relevant and valuable, then delivering it in the right channel and the right format at exactly the right time.

  • Listen
    Identify social media monitoring tools Discover what's said about the brand Find relevant communities and conversations Determine key influencers
  • Participate
    Enter conversation space Provide relevant content adding value to the community Engage with influencers Respond effectively and efficiently
  • Analyze
    Set measurement metrics to define success Monitor measures and analyze reports Gather feedback and refine strategy

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