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Corporate Social Responsibility

Interakt is all about action and results. So is our commitment to socially responsible corporate behavior.

India Next

A manifesto for greatness.
Interakt launches India Next

IndiaNext, Interakt’s most recent CSR initiative, puts our commitment to work for positive, lasting change into action.

The campaign, launched nationwide, calls on India’s billion-plus citizens to speak up about the issues most critical for the country’s growth in every sector and encourages them to step up and share innovative ideas to take India a step closer to becoming the next superpower.

With platforms on Facebook and Twitter, India Next has a following of more than 50,000 and 5,000 respectively. The campaign’s YouTube channel features videos of regular citizens voicing their concerns.

India Next aims to inspire citizens to create and contribute a manifesto for the new government. Top contributors can become eMinisters, be part of an online eParliament session, debate their ideas with eminent panelists, and collaborate with the panelists and other eMinisters to prepare and present the final “Citizen’s Manifesto” to the newly elected government.

The India Next campaign will not stop at delivering the manifesto to the government; it will spearhead and continue the movement long term to build and sustain a better and stronger nation. To say updated on the campaign visit: India Next website.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Interakt takes corporate social responsibility seriously and personally. We know that we can do good by investing economically in the causes that we believe in. We also know that we can increase the value of those investments by focusing on areas where our particular blend of expertise and capabilities can be put to use.

That's why one of our primary areas of CSR action is in bridging what we call the "digital divide"—the ever increasing gap in education and opportunity between youth who are digitally enabled and those who lack access to the technology that can connect them to the broader interconnected world.

One example is our "Digital On Wheels" initiative in which volunteers literally transport the latest technology and mobile devices in vans to rural areas, giving youth first-hand introduction to the digital world and inspiring them to explore all its wonders.

Digital On Wheels