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Senior Manager–Delivery

    • I am responsible for the overall operations at the Centre of Excellence in Chennai, India. I also oversee global project management and delivery and work closely with all the teams at Interakt.

    • What inspires you?

      Technology and innovation.

    • What would you do if you won the lottery?

      Take leave and go all "Dora-the-Explorer" around the whole world. The manly version of course.

    • Favorite bumper sticker line?

      The human mind is like an umbrella, it performs best when it's open.

    • What's your weekend like?

      Clearing off all the backlogs — both work and personal.

    • Guilty pleasure?

      Getting lost on Mt. Everest.

    • Hidden talents?

      Mixing and matching furniture. I think I was an interior designer in my previous life.