With us



CEO & Chief Strategist

    • I believe with my whole heart in our communications inside out philosophy. It's our guiding principle in every client engagement—to do our best to make sure that internal and external communications are aligned to keep the brand promise, our client's and our own.

    • What inspires you?

      Getting close to the action. Digging in, elbow-to-elbow to solve a problem. I never want to lose that connection.

    • What would you do if you won the lottery?

      Get my own rollercoaster and then a house with indoor space big enough to accommodate it. Launch a global campaign to put everyone on the same time zone. Wouldn't life be easier?

    • Favorite bumper sticker line?

      He who smiles in a crisis has found someone to blame.

    • What's your weekend like?

      Like punctuation. I use it to help keep my priorities in order, to put emphasis in the right places.

    • Guilty pleasure?

      Tobasco sauce. I discovered it on one of my many trips to the US. I would put it on everything if I could.

    • Hidden talents?

      I'm a trained classical dancer. A reviewer once described me as the "girl with a thousand expressions."