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Strategy & Pre-Sales Consultant

    • Working as part of the Pre-Sales team, I provide support for Interakt's sales and strategic marketing activities globally. As a content team member, I also participate in creative brainstorming, content writing and architecture for our digital marketing and engaged learning initiatives.

    • What inspires you?

      Cool intelligence under pressure.

    • What would you do if you won the lottery?

      Get ready for whatever's coming my way, 'coz nothing's free in life.

    • Favorite bumper sticker line?

      Always remember that you are unique; just like everyone else.

    • What's your weekend like?

      Full, choc-a-block with the three C's—chores, company (of friends), and the children.

    • Guilty pleasure?

      Curling up with a book late into the night.

    • Hidden talents?

      I can play a decent badminton game.